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ESF booklets, films and good practice guides

ESF booklets 2007-2013 programme

Improving people’s lives

This booklet summarises progress and achievements in the delivery of the 2007-2013 ESF programme in England. The 2013 edition sets out how the ESF is making real and sustained changes to people’s lives and contributing to local growth, and looks forward to the 2014-2020 programme.

European Commission booklets

The European Commission has published a range of documents about the role and activities of ESF across Europe. View the booklets, comic books, fact sheets and leaflets here.

ESF films 2007-2013 programme

European ESF Commission films

Image of UK map

A range of films and photographs of ESF activity and participant stories from across Europe can be viewed on the Europa website.

ESF films 2014-2020 programme

The European Commission has produced two films about 2014-2020 EU Cohesion Policy:

ESF good practice guides 2007-2013 programme

Please note that the following guides were prepared at the beginning of the current ESF programme period (2007). These are still relevant to the second half of the ESF programme although it should be noted that the Equality Act 2010 has replaced the equality legislation referred to in these documents.

Further information on the Equality Act 2010 is available at: