Disadvantaged Areas Relief: postcode search tool

Disadvantaged Areas Relief will be abolished for transactions with an effective date on or after 6 April 2013.

All claims to relief for purchases of residential property where the effective date is before 6 April 2013 must be made on or before 5 May 2014. Claims made after that date will not be accepted.

You can use this postcode search tool to help you work out whether your property is situated in a qualifying area for Disadvantaged Areas Relief.

It is intended for guidance only and doesn't identify every postcode. Newly built properties in particular may not come up.

Find a postcode on the Royal Mail website

How to use the search tool

Enter the postcode in the correct format.

The first box should contain one of the following:

  • 1or 2 letters followed by 1 or 2 numbers for example NE99
  • a letter followed by a number and another letter for certain central London postcodes for example W1N

The second box should contain 1 number followed by 2 letters for example. 2ZZ

Search Tool


If you need help in using this tool please the call the Stamp Taxes helpline.

Contact details for HMRC Stamp Taxes helpline

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