Commercial Procurement & Relationships

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Our role is to better manage procurement expenditure as part of the government’s deficit reduction and growth agenda. We will accomplish this through aggregating the procurement of common goods and services, enhancing the value of the Crown’s relationships with strategic suppliers and capability development (people, processes and tools).

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    Crown Commercial Service

    Government Procurement Service is now part of the Crown Commercial Service. This brings together, as one organisation, Government Procurement Service, the commercial function of the Cabinet Office and common goods and services procurement and commercial management currently undertaken by departments.

    Crown Commercial Service

    Access information about us including the senior management team, operational performance and governance.


    Centralised Procurement

    Find out about the services available to procurers and centralised procurement arrangements.

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    Supplying to Crown Commercial Service

    Find out about how to become a supplier to the Crown Commercial Service.

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    Procurement Policy & Capability

    Find the latest procurement policy notes and regulations, capability and reform initiatives, tools for procurers along with advice and information for suppliers on doing business with Government.  


    Key Procurement Policies

    Find latest procurement policy notes and more information about the latest procurement agendas including Growth, Transparency and LEAN Sourcing.

    Capability Initiatives

    Find the latest information on capability development initiatives, including LEAN Sourcing Training and the Commissioning Academy which are targeted at upskilling commercial and procurement staff.

    Doing Business with Government

    Find tools and information for access to Government procurement opportunities including Contracts Finder, Mystery Shopper and Opening Up the Government Marketplace to SME's.

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    Commercial Relationships

    Responsible for managing the relationship between Government and its strategic suppliers, leveraging buying power to deliver a better deal for taxpayers and to resolve any disputes swiftly. £800 million was saved in the first year of this agenda and substantial work is underway to achieve further savings and deliver longer term reforms.

    Managing Commercial Relationships

    Learn more about Government engages with strategic suppliers via a network of Crown Commercial Representatives.

    Commercial Reviews

    Government wishes to change the terms of doing business with its strategic suppliers.