Monday 26 March 2012

Morning session


Witness Statement of Chief Constable Simon Ash (pdf, 1.27MB)

List of CCSA exhibits (pdf, 30KB)

Exhibit CCSA1 (pdf, 1.89KB)

Exhibit CCSA2 (pdf, 94KB)

Exhibit CCSA3 (pdf, 107KB)

 Exhibit CCS4 (pdf, 156KB)

Exhibit CCSA5 (pdf, 79KB)

Exhibit CCSA6 (pdf, 161KB)

Exhibit CCSA7 (pdf, 76KB)

Exhibit CCSA8 (pdf, 126KB)

Exhibit CCSA9 (pdf, 1.35MB)

Exhibit CCSA10 (pdf, 66KB)

Exhibit CCSA11 (pdf, 31KB)

Exhibit CCSA12 (pdf, 54KB)

Exhibit CCSA13 (pdf, 2.46MB)

Exhibit CCSA14 (pdf, 113KB)

Witness Statement of Anne Campbell (pdf, 1.15MB)

Second Witness Statement of Anne Campbell (pdf, 666KB)

Exhibit ApComm1a (pdf, 1.13MB

Exhibit ApComm1b (pdf, 1.81MB)

Exhibit ApComm2 (pdf, 84KB)

Exhibit ApComm3 (pdf, 102KB)

Exhibit ApComm 5 (pdf, 55KB)

Exhibit ApComm6 (pdf, 6.64MB)

Exhibit ApComm7 (pdf, 337KB)

 Exhibit AEC1a (pdf,183KB)

Exhibit AEC1b (pdf, 102KB)

Exhibit AEC2 (pdf, 71KB)

Exhibit AEC3 (pdf, 111KB)

Exhibit AEC4 (pdf,31 KB)

Exhibit AEC5 (pdf, 54KB)

Exhibit AEC6 (pdf, 44KB)

Exhibit AEC7 (pdf, 12KB)

Exhibit AEC8 (pdf, 18KB)

Exhibit AEC9 (pdf, 56KB)

Exhibit AEC10 (pdf, 76KB)

Exhibit AEC11 (pdf, 92KB)

Exhibit AEC12 (pdf, 85KB)

Exhibit AEC13 (pdf, 83KB)

Exhibit AEC14 (pdf, 88KB)

Exhibit AEC15 (pdf, 1.89MB)

Exhibit AEC16 (pdf, 171KB)

Exhibit AEC17 (pdf, 22KB)

Exhibit AEC18 (pdf, 66KB)

Exhibit AEC19 (pdf, 51KB)

Exhibit AEC20  (pdf, 55KB)

Exhibit AEC21 (pdf, 92KB)

Exhibit AEC22 (pdf, 37KB

Exhibit AEC23 (pdf, 44KB)

Exhibit AEC24 (pdf, 40KB)

Exhibit AEC25 (pdf, 43KB)

Exhibit AEC26 (pdf, 96KB)

Exhibit AEC27 (pdf, 91KB)

Exhibit AEC28 (pdf, 69KB)

Exhibit AEC29 (pdf, 67KB)

Exhibit AEC30 (pdf, 46KB)

Exhibit AEC31 (pdf, 58KB)

Exhibit AEC32 (pdf, 75KB)

Exhibit AEC33 (pdf, 69KB)

Exhibit AEC34 (pdf, 64KB)

Exhibit AEC35 (pdf, 64KB)

Exhibit AEC36 (pdf, 72KB)

Exhibit AEC37 (pdf, 40KB)

Exhibit AEC38 (pdf, 126KB)

Exhibit AEC39 (pdf, 54KB)

Exhibit AEC40 (pdf, 41KB)

Exhibit AEC41 (pdf, 157KB)