Thursday 1 March 2012

Afternoon session


Witness Statement of John Yates (pdf, 21.5MB)

Exhibit JMY1 (pdf, 612KB)

Exhibit JMY2 (pdf, 115KB)

Exhibit JMY3 (pdf, 118KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-Index (pdf, 83KB)

Exhibit JMY3A -1 (pdf, 176KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-2 (pdf,  35KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-3 (pdf,  261KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-4 (pdf,  75KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-5 (pdf, 57KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-6 (pdf, 54KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-7 (pdf, 53KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-8 (pdf, 1.57MB)

Exhibit JMY3A-9 (pdf, 59KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-10 (pdf, 40KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-11 (pdf, 100KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-12 (pdf, 174KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-13 (pdf, 646KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-14 (pdf, 534KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-15 (pdf, 129KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-16 (pdf, 275KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-17 (pdf, 101KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-18 (pdf, 84KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-19 (pdf, 51KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-20 (pdf, 354KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-21 (pdf, 269KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-22 (pdf, 152KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-23 (pdf, 97KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-24 (pdf, 283KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-25 (pdf, 396KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-26 (pdf, 307KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-27 (pdf, 52KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-28 (pdf, 28KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-29 (pdf, 28KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-30 (pdf, 613KB)

Exhibit JMY3A-31 (pdf, 2.28MB)

Exhibit JMY3B-Index (pdf, 110KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-1 (pdf, 43KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-2 (pdf, 124KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-3 (pdf, 187KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-4 (pdf, 312KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-5 (pdf, 38KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-6 (pdf, 44KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-7 (pdf, 60KB)

 Exhibit JMY3B-8 (pdf, 53KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-9 (pdf, 208KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-10 (pdf, 164KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-11 (pdf, 67KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-12 (pdf, 78KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-13 (pdf, 24KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-14 (pdf, 34KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-15 (pdf, 98KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-16 (pdf, 65KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-17 (pdf, 48KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-18 (pdf, 77KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-19 (pdf, 216KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-20 (pdf, 354KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-21 (pdf, 735KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-22 (pdf, 58KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-23 (pdf, 42KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-24 (pdf, 73KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-25 (pdf, 1MB)

Exhibit JMY3B-26 (pdf, 69KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-27 (pdf, 135KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-28 (pdf, 76KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-29 (pdf, 101KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-30 (pdf, 767KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-31 (pdf, 194KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-A (pdf, 271KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-B (pdf, 185KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-C (pdf, 105KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-D (pdf, 252KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-E (pdf, 971KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-F (pdf, 56KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-G (pdf, 107KB)

Exhibit JMY3B-H (pdf, 260KB)

Exhibit JMY4 (pdf, 207KB)

Exhibit JMY5 (pdf, 1.12MB)

Exhibit JMY6 (pdf, 81KB)

Witness Statement of Andy Hayman (pdf, 1.81MB)

Exhibit AH1 (pdf, 314KB)

Exhibit AH2 (pdf, 86.9KB)

Exhibit AH3 (pdf, 912KB)