Wednesday 18 January 2012

Morning session


Witness Statement of Jonathan Russell (pdf, 149KB)

Exhibit JR1 (pdf, 269KB)

Exhibit JR2 (pdf, 349KB)

Exhibit JR4 (pdf, 65KB)

Exhibit JR5 (pdf, 444KB)


Witness Statement of Tim Blott (taken as read) (pdf, 95KB)

Exhibit TB1  (pdf, 335KB)

Exhibit TB2 (pdf, 534KB)

Exhibit TB3 (pdf, 158KB)

Exhibit TB5  (pdf, 699KB)

Witness Statement of Paul Connolly (taken as read) (pdf, 1.05MB)

Index to Exhibits (pdf, 315KB)

Exhibit PC1 (pdf, 14.5MB)

Exhibit PC2 (pdf, 4.25MB)

Exhibit PC3 (pdf, 2.32MB)

Exhibit PC4 (pdf, 486KB)

Exhibit PC5 (pdf, 971KB)

Exhibit PC6 (pdf, 1.39MB)

Exhibit PC7 (pdf, 1.44MB)

Exhibit PC8 (pdf, 341KB)

Exhibit PC10 (pdf, 586KB)

Witness Statement of Peter McCall (taken as read) (pdf, 212KB)

Appendix to Exhibits (pdf, 183KB)

Index to Section A (pdf, 67KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).a.1 (pdf, 31KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).b.1 (pdf, 61KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).e.2 (pdf, 52KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).e.3 (pdf, 536KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).e.4 (pdf, 507KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).f.1 (pdf, 264KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).g.1 (pdf, 121KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).g.2 (pdf, 1.63MB)

Exhibit PM_(a).g.3 (pdf, 182KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).g.4 (pdf, 34oKB)

Exhibit PM_(a).i.1 (pdf, 60KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).i.2. (pdf, 77KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).j.1. (pdf, 36KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).k.1. (pdf, 342KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).k.4. (pdf, 47KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).k.5. (pdf, 52KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).k.6. (pdf, 54KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).l.2. (pdf, 8.31MB)

Exhibit PM_(a).m.1 (pdf, 348KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).m.2. (pdf, 178KB)

Exhibit PM_(a).m.3. (pdf, 1.99MB)

Exhibit PM_(a).m.4. (pdf, 2.22MB)

Exhibit PM_(a).o.1. (pdf, 250KB)

Index to Section B  (pdf, 40KB)

Exhibit PM_(b).a.1. (pdf, 36KB)

Exhibit PM_(b).e.2. (pdf, 26KB)

Exhibit PM_(b).k.2. (pdf, 29KB)

Exhibit PM_(b).k.3. (pdf, 30KB)

Exhibit PM_(b).l.1. (pdf, 54KB)

Exhibit PM_(b).n.1. (pdf, 12KB)

Exhibit PM_(b).o.1. (pdf, 11KB)

Index to Section E  (pdf, 18KB)

Witness Statement of Lisa Byrne (pdf, 438KB)

Exhibit LLB1 (pdf, 256KB)

Witness Statement of Lucie Cave (pdf, 547KB)

Exhibit LC1 (pdf, 2.24MB)

Witness Statement of Mike Gilson (pdf, 174KB)

Exhibit 2a (pdf, 298KB)

Exhibit 2b  (pdf, 213KB)

Exhibit 2c (pdf, 171KB)

Exhibit 2d  (pdf, 6.54MB)

Exhibit 3a (pdf, 41KB)

Exhibit 3b  (pdf, 86KB)

Exhbiit 5 (pdf, 47KB)

Exhibit 15  (pdf, 185KB)

Exhibit 17a  (pdf, 277KB)

Exhibit 17b (pdf, 466KB)

Witness Statement of John McLellan (pdf, 413KB)

Appendix 1 (pdf, 685KB)

Appendix 2 (pdf, 54KB)

Appendix 3 (pdf, 55KB)

Appendix 4 (pdf, 32KB)

Appendix 5 (pdf, 70KB)