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This section includes publications from the UK Commission, a collection of collaborative outputs and the archive of SSDA publications.


  • A numerical list of all our Evidence Reports

    5 Apr 2011

    A full list of evidence reports in numerical order.

  • A review of occupational regulation and its impact

    17 Oct 2011

    Occupational regulation has been sorely under researched, particularly in the UK and Europe. This research, conducted by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, provides us with greater understanding. It introduces a sophisticated conceptual definition of occupational regulation; maps its different forms in the UK; and produces estimates on its prevalence and impact. The report also provides a discussion on the economic theory of occupational regulation and presents existing evidence on its nature and impact from the UK and further afield.

  • A review of occupational regulation and its impact - Executive summary

    17 Oct 2011

    This Review explores the nature and impact of occupational regulation. It provides a sophisticated definition of the term, regarding those mechanisms (licence to practice, registration, certification and accreditation) which set minimum prescribed skill standards. For the first time these various forms are comprehensively mapped in the UK, covering managerial, professional and non-professional occupations. This is used as the basis for providing estimates of the labour market impact (including skill levels, wages and employment). The Review also includes a discussion on the theory of occupational regulation and examines existing evidence from the UK and internationally.

  • A Theoretical Review of Skill Shortages and Skill Needs

    12 May 2010

    This publication, commissioned jointly with the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), improves our understanding of the workings of the labour market and the ability of the labour market to meet the skill needs of employers. The analysis within this review will help inform the methodology used by the MAC to identify occupations that are considered to be skilled, suffering from shortages and which it would be sensible to fill through migration.

  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing: Sector Skills Assessment 2012

    9 Oct 2012

    The Sector Skills Assessment for Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing presents evidence on the sector’s skill needs and priorities. It was produced by Lantra, the Sector Skills Council for land-based and environmental industries.

  • All of research briefing papers

    1 Aug 2011

    A complete list of all the research briefings

  • Ambition 2020: Key Findings - The 2009 Report

    4 May 2009

    This summary of Ambition 2020 highlights the key findings of the main report. It then goes further to outline the Commission's view of the actions that are required for the employment and skills system to respond to our current difficult economic conditions and to lay the foundations for recovery.

  • Ambition 2020: Technical Report - The 2009 Report

    7 Sep 2009

    This technical report accompanies the main Ambition 2020 report. The technical report presents the approach the UK Commission for Employment and Skills took in 2009 to forecasting progress towards making the UK a world leader in employment and skills by 2020, and the data considerations involved.

  • Ambition 2020: World class skills and jobs for the UK - The 2009 Report

    7 Sep 2009

    The 'Ambition 2020' Report is the UK Commission for Employment and Skills’ first annual assessment of the progress towards making the UK a world leader in employment and skills by 2020. It monitors progress on our World Class Skills and Jobs Ambition and against our international competitors in the context of (i) the ‘Leitch’ Ambition for 2020; and (ii) the aims and priorities for the four nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It seeks to provide a sound evidence base for advice on strategies, policies and measures needed to increase skills, employment and productivity. This first report also provides a baseline from which to assess future progress.

  • Ambition 2020: World Class Skills and Jobs for the UK: Key Findings and Implications for Action: The 2010 Report

    12 Jul 2010

    This report is our second annual assessment of how well we are doing and what we need to do to achieve our ambition to be World Class by 2020. It aims to provide a sound evidence base and an agenda on which future success can be built.

  • Ambition 2020: World Class Skills and Jobs for the UK: The 2010 Report

    5 Jul 2010

    The UK Commission for Employment and Skills was established to advise Government on the policies, strategies, and measures that we need as a country to achieve our World Class Ambition of being one of the top eight countries in the world for skills, jobs and productivity. We believe that there can be little more important than equipping the UK with the skills it needs, for the jobs it needs, today and tomorrow.

  • An Initial Formative Evaluation of Best Market Solutions

    27 Sep 2012

    In 2011 the UK Commission adopted an investment based approach to support employer groups to develop innovative, infrastructure solutions to employment and skills problems. This is the first report from a programme of research to evaluate the investments. The project explored the establishment and early stages of the first projects to receive investment through the Growth and Innovative Fund.

  • Annual Report 2008-2009

    6 Jul 2009

    The initial period of any organisation's life is always an exciting one. But, as a unique organisation tasked with boosting the productivity and prosperity of the UK through improving employment and skills, it has been particularly challenging in the face of a global economic downturn.

  • Annual Report 2009-2010

    5 Jul 2010

    In our first two financial periods the UK Commission for Employment and Skills has sought to make a real contribution to policy and practice in the UK. We want to ensure that the UK workforce and industries are better placed not only to deal with the impact of recession in the short term but also to prepare for, and sustain, recovery in the longer term.

  • Annual Report and Accounts 2010-2011

    19 Jul 2011

    This is the third Annual Report from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, and it follows a year of great change.

  • Annual Report and Accounts 2011-2012

    25 Jul 2012

    This is the fourth Annual Report from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills

  • Applying the Learning from Customer Empowerment Models Operating in Other Industries to the Post-16 Employment and Skills Sector

    13 Jul 2010

    This report explores a wide range of approaches to increase empowerment among customers for services as diverse as rail travel and the purchasing of white goods this report examines the potential of these processes to be applied to the Post-16 Employment and Skills Sector - as well as referring to cases where this is already taking place.

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