The placement technical information sets out the procedures and criteria for the agreement and placement of learners at independent specialist providers in accordance with the fulfilment of local authorities’ and the Education Funding Agency's legal duties and powers.

Supporting annexes

  • Annex 6: TG - Confirmation of Agreed Provision
  • Annex 7: TG - Exceptional funding summary request form
  • Annex 8: TG - Withdrawal notification
  • Annex 9: TG - Placement extension
  • Annex 10: TG - Record of Student Destination

Exceptional funding independent review 2012/13 desk instructions 

This document sets out the exceptional funding review requirements for learner placements being considered by local authorities at independent specialist providers, where costs are £35,000 or over the highest Education Funding Agency funding band. The requirements align to those set out in the placement information: Learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities at independent specialist providers 2012/13 and placement technical information 2012/13, issued during February 2012 by the Young People’s Learning Agency.