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2.3.iii. Work effectively across Whitehall, mainly with HMRC, HMT, BIS, FCO and Cabinet Office, and with G8 partners to ensure the UK’s G8 presidency reaches ambitious but achievable developmental commitments in 2013 during its Presidency year and at the Lough Erne Summit, including on food security and transparency, and work with Whitehall leads on tax and trade where proposals relate to developing countries
3.3.iv. Conduct a follow-up to the Multilateral Aid Review
5.1.iii. Assess the progress of international organisations on delivering for girls and women where this has been identified as a reform priority following the Multilateral Aid Review
5.2.i. Conduct a mid-term review of the Reproductive and Maternal Health Framework for Results including progress against results and its commitments to save women and children’s lives
5.2.ii. Design a programme of support to implement the UK’s commitments to contribute to helping 120m additional women access family planning
5.2.iii. Establish a programme to reduce the practice of female genital mutilation/ cutting by 30% in 10 countries over 5 years
6.1.i. The future design of the Green Climate Fund has a clear focus on innovation, effectiveness and results
6.2.i. Ensure that climate change risks and opportunities are identified and addressed across DFID’s country programmes and other major policy and spending areas through the implementation of Strategic Programme Reviews with all country offices / departments achieving the minimum standard

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