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Actions completed last month

2.6.iv. Support conflict prevention and improved governance in Africa through at least eight Ministerial visits, and targeted programme spend (over half Conflict Pool spending in Africa on Somalia and the Sudans)
2.7.i. Ensure co-ordinated UK participation at Cyber Conferences in Hungary and the Republic of Korea to establish and promote common approaches for governments, business and civil society to work together in cyberspace
1.1.vii. Deliver a comprehensive training programme to create a commercially and economically capable FCO, including tailored provision for new ‘Prosperity staff’ appointed under the FCO’s network shift
1.4.ii. Use the UK G8 Presidency in 2013 to develop open economies, open governments and open societies and support free trade, tackle tax evasion and encourage greater transparency and accountability
1.4.vii. Launch and implement a strategy on Business and Human Rights, to advance corporate respect for human rights

Actions to be completed this month

2.3.v. Promote effective implementation of the outcomes of the December 2011 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention Review Conference and the April 2013 Chemical Weapons Convention Review Conference

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