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3.1.v. Enforce student sponsorship obligations by working with the education sector and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills on a new ‘co-regulation’ approach
3.6.iv. Strengthen compliance in the migrant labour market with the development of taskforces and implementation of a summer enforcement campaign, and create better mechanisms to jointly manage intelligence and share data, working with Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs
1.3.ii. Ensure 80 per cent of visa application payments are made online

Actions to be completed this month

3.6.v. Create a statutory presumption that after 6 months EEA nationals can no longer retain their right to reside as job seekers or retained workers and continue to claim benefits, unless they can demonstrate they are actively seeking work and have a genuine chance of being engaged, working with Department for Work and Pensions

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