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Info regarding cancellation rights

After our customers purchase their satellite TV service from us, we try to get their service started right away. We have them agree to this when discussing the final details of their contract because, most of the time, the service will start within seven working days after we agree the contract. As part of the written information given to them before the service starts, we let them know that their cancellation rights end as soon as the service begins.

Cancel after downloading

We sell online video games that are available for download from our website. A customer just called to say that he doesn't want the game he just downloaded from our site. Specifically, he says that because he hasn't used the game and has removed it from his computer, he should be able to get a refund. Before a customer can successfully download a product from us, they must accept our terms and conditions which clearly indicate that, as soon as the download starts, their purchase is complete. So, do I need to give him a full refund?

Cancel after work begun

We just launched a new business providing in-home waitressing services to high end clients. For the past two days a number of our waitressing staff have been at a client’s country home and are due to be there for another two days. All details of the contract were completed via email and phone over a week ago. Today, the customer has decided that she no longer requires our services and would prefer to just do the serving herself for the next few days. She has also refused to pay for the work our staff have done to date. What rights do we have?