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Cancel after cooling off period

One of our customers purchased a CD from our website as a gift for her boyfriend. She said that when her boyfriend opened it yesterday (20 days after it arrived) it had a crack in it and could not be used. Our cancellation policy, which is in line with the DSRs, is presented very clearly on our website. Since it has been over seven working days since she received the product, we don't have to give her a refund or even exchange the product do we? She has no proof that the CD was received damaged.

Cancel service but keep goods

We sell mobile phone and airtime packages online. After receiving his phone, one of our customers has decided that he wants to cancel the airtime because he wants a pay as you go contract instead, although he has been using the airtime for the past six days. However, it has been over 10 working days since he received the phone. He no longer has the right to cancel the airtime contract does he?

Related credit agreement

Last week, a brand new customer signed a contract to buy one of our cars. Unfortunately, they cancelled this week, even after sorting out all of the necessary paperwork, including securing a loan from their bank. Now, the customer wants me to confirm that, once they cancel their contract with us, the loan agreement with their bank is also cancelled. I would assume this to be true – but is it?