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Customer cancels purchase with part exchange

A customer has just cancelled their contract for a new laptop. The tricky thing is that they gave us their old laptop in exchange for a discounted price. Now that the customer has cancelled the order and is returning the laptop for a full refund, they want their money and their old laptop back. However, we sold the laptop just yesterday. What do we do?

Return item that has been worn

A customer returned a pair of shoes to us that they purchased from our website. They cancelled within the cancellation period but the shoes look like they may have been worn. The bottoms of the shoes have some dust and a bit of dirt on them that would not have been there when we sent them out. All else seems fine, but it may be tough to resell them. We recognise that our customers need to try on the shoes once they have been received so we clearly state that this should be done indoors when trying them on.

return not in original packaging

We sell digital cameras online. A customer returned a camera to us today that was wrapped in a towel inside a shoe box. When we send out our cameras, they are in specific packaging that prevents them from getting damaged during the delivery. The packaging is also specific to each camera so, once the package is open, it can't be reused. Luckily, it does not appear as though the camera was damaged this time around. To me, opening a digital camera is unnecessary. It does what it says on the tin. It means we have to pull from other resources when we go on to resell the item.