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Safer Care

Staff across the NHS work very hard to care for their patients.  Yet despite their efforts and good intentions, many patients inadvertently suffer harm whilst under their care. The same is true in healthcare systems the world over.  Increasingly, staff and patients are demanding action.

The Safer Care programme has been set up specifically to respond to these challenges.

The aim of the Safer Care programme is to build an NHS where every member of staff has the passion, confidence and skills to eliminate harm to patients.  

Providing education and training to build capability and capacity  Developing senior leaders to build organisational competence  Primary care Acute care Using collaboration and partnership to generate the vision of an NHS with no avoidable death or harm

Safe and Productive Care for Older People programme

This programme brings together Safer Care and The Productive Series, pooling expertise and insights from both to create a unique and tailored improvement programme, specifically targeting older peoples’ care. Download a copy of the Safe and Productive Care for Older People FINAL.pdf Safe and Productive Care for Older People document.pdf (959.42 KB)

Background to Safer Care at the NHS Institute