This page provides links to information on the following:

  • Final allocations of Dedicated Schools Grant 2010-11
  • Final allocations of Dedicated Schools Grant 2009-10
  • Final allocations of Dedicated Schools Grant 2008-09
    • includes the Exceptional Circumstances Grant Allocations 2009-2010
  • Dedicated Schools Grant pupil numbers.

Dedicated Schools Grant operational guidance, profile and payments for 2008-11

Information about the detailed methodology for calculating the DSG in 2008-11 and individual authorities' indicative allocations for the three years.

Indicative allocations of Dedicated Schools Grant 2008-11

  • Summary of local authorities indicative DSG calculations 2008-11
  • DSG Technical Note 2008-11
  • DSG guaranteed unit of funding model 2008-11
  • Tips on accessing Excel spreadsheets.

London pay addition grants

The Department will be paying an additional grant to all London authorities to help them meet the cost of the additions to Teachers' Pay scales recommended by the School Teachers' Review Body. [Updated 19 June 2008]

Practical learning options

The figures in the Practical learning options spreadsheet give an estimate for each local authority of how much funding through the DSG in 2006-08 to support practical and applied learning would be in 2008-09.