We have developed a tool for local authorities to assist them in modelling their new, simplified formulae, together with detailed datasets for mainstream maintained schools and academies in their area. The tool has been emailed to LA finance contacts and is available on this website along with detailed guidance.

The aim of the tool is to help local authorities to construct their new formulae within the new arrangements set out in the recent publication School funding reform: Next steps towards a fairer system and simulate the effect of these on school and academy budgets. The tool has been developed with the help of local authority representatives and other stakeholders.

The datasets are available for local authorities on an individual basis as they contain sensitive data that has not been subject to rounding or suppression and therefore must be handled and transmitted in an appropriately secure way. The Department will be using the Key to Success gateway to supply this data to local authorities. You will be able to access your data using the same passwords as for the version 1 release.

The tool contains fictitious local authority data which can be used to illustrate how the tool functions. This data will be overwritten by the process of uploading the actual datasets which are being provided to each local authority.