On 13 December 2011, the Secretary of State announced details of the allocation of over £2 billion of capital funding for 2012-13 to schools and local authorities.

The announcement included details on the allocation of:

  • £800 million of basic need funding to local authorities to provide school places where needed in their area, in all categories of publically-funded schools;
  • £686 million of maintenance capital to local authorities to support the needs of the schools that they maintain and for the Sure Start children’s centres in their area;
  • £276 million of maintenance capital for Academies;
  • £174 million of locally-coordinated VA programme capital to support the maintenance capital needs of voluntary-aided schools;
  • £200 million of devolved formula capital for schools; and
  • a total of £107 million for 16-19 maintenance, devolved formula capital and basic need funding.

The following information can be downloaded from this page:

  • a full schedule of the local authority and voluntary aided school allocations; and
  • a technical note setting out, in detail, how allocations of capital funding grants for 2012-13 have been calculated.

The £800 million basic need funding has been allocated to local authorities. This is because local authorities are responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient school places locally to meet demand. Local authorities can use this money to fund projects at any publicly funded schools, including voluntary-aided schools and academies (including at existing or new Free Schools) where they address basic need pressures.

The proportion of the funding available for capital maintenance which has been allocated to each authority has been determined by school and weighted pupil numbers from the most recent data available. The voluntary-aided sector has been allocated a fair share based on pupil numbers, and reflecting the governors’ 10 per cent contribution and eligibility for VAT.

Allocations have been abated where schools have been or are about to be modernised through the Building Schools for the Future programme, or through privately financed projects.

£200 million of devolved formula capital funding has been allocated directly to all publicly funded schools, based on a national formula of £4000 per school and a per pupil sum which is weighted for the type of pupil: £11.25/16.875/33.75 for primary/secondary/SEN pupils. Allocations at local authority level are indicative and will be adjusted in line with end-of-year pupil figures in maintained schools.

As was the case in 2011-12, all of these allocations will be delivered as capital grant.

This announcement does not include any of the additional £600 million for basic need allocated to the Department in the autumn statement. Ministers will consider how best to allocate this funding.