All UK universities have stated that a young person holding an Advanced Diploma can access undergraduate courses at their institution. This does not mean access to any course – as with any qualification, young people will need to first check with UCAS or their chosen university as entry requirements vary from each institution.

The Advanced Diploma has a UCAS tariff equivalent to 3.5 A Levels, and at 'A' grade it attracts a possible 420 points. The Progression Diploma has a UCAS tariff equivalent to 2.5 A Levels and at ‘A’ grade attracts a possible 300 points. Full details of UCAS tariff points for the Advanced Diploma and Progression Diploma, including ASL qualifications, are available on the UCAS website.

Many courses will require the holder of the Diploma to have taken specific ASL within the Diploma, such as an A Level directly related to the course. This is something young people will need to confirm, by visiting the UCAS website or that of their chosen university. Entry requirements can be accessed from the UCAS website.