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HPA-RPD-033 - Indicative Atlas of Radon in England and Wales

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Miles JCH, Appleton JD, Rees DM, Green BMR, Adlam KAM, Myers AH

Publication date: November 2007

ISBN: 978-0-85951-608-2



This report presents an overview of the results of detailed mapping in England and Wales of radonpotential, defined as the estimated percentage of homes in an area above the radon Action Level. The work was carried out jointly by the Health Protection Agency and the British Geological Survey and was based on the results of measurements of radon in 460,000 homes. The method allows variations in radon potential both between and within geological units to be mapped. The resulting map, which defines radon affected areas in England and Wales, includes much more detail than could be shown in an atlas. The full detail is instead published as a dataset which can be licensed for use in geographical information systems. The estimated radon potential for an individual home can be obtained through a website, [outside link]. The atlas presents a simplified version of the map, so is indicative rather than definitive: that is, each 1-km grid square is coloured according to the highest radon potential found within it.


Please note:

Users should note that the quality of the maps has been downgraded to permit ease of download. The hard-copy radon atlas is printed in full colour and to a higher resolution.

The copyright of this report is held jointly by the Health Protection Agency and the British Geological Survey.


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Available in hard copy. Order the publicationTwo versions of the document are provided here. One includes placenames (ISBN 978-0-85951-608-2) and is also available as a hard-copy publication which can be ordered. The other version (ISBN 978-0-85951-609-9) does not include placenames in its maps and is only available on this website (see related links above).


Additional information

Press release (12/11/07) in PDF archive: New Radon Data for England and Wales

Last reviewed: 5 August 2013