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Hydrogen sulphide

Key Points



  • Very flammable
  • Reacts with metals, metal oxides and strong oxidising agents. Heating may cause violent combustion
  • Emits toxic fumes of sulphur oxides when heated to decomposition
  • In the event of a fire involving hydrogen sulphide, use fine water spray and gas tight kit with breathing apparatus


  • Toxic by inhalation
  • Very toxic
  • Inhalation of high concentrations may lead to collapse, inability to breathe and death within minutes.
  • Following single or repeated exposure to high concentrations a range of effects on the nervous and cardiovascular system may occur.
  • Skin exposure causes skin discolouration, pain, itching, skin redness and local frostbite if exposed to compressed liquid
  • Eye effects may be delayed and include irritation, inflammation, tearing, sensitivity to light and conjunctivitis


  • Dangerous for the environment
  • Inform Environment Agency of substantial incidents


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