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Census data

Latest releases, published 31 October 2013:

> Short-term resident population statistics for local authorities in England and Wales

> Workday population statistics for output areas in England and Wales (Part 1)

Previous releases, published 26 September 2013:

> Detailed Characteristics on Communal Establishments for 2011 Census Merged Wards and Middle Layer Super Output Areas in England and Wales

> Local Characteristics on Migration for Output Areas in England and Wales

For ease of access, data from this release are being published on the Nomis website, a free Office for National Statistics (ONS) web service containing complex datasets. Read more about the ONS 2011 Census data publishing strategy

2011 Census statistics from Nomis

  • Detailed characteristics are available from Nomis at local authorities level only. Data for smaller geographies will be released at a later date.

  • Key and Quick statistics are available from the Nomis service for these geographies: 2011 output areas and super output areas;2011 wards; local authorities;parliamentary constituencies; countries/regions; English parishes/Welsh communities; local health boards (Wales); primary care trusts/strategic health authorities (England); National Assembly for Wales constituencies / electoral regions (Wales); postcode sectors/districts/areas.

  • Alternative population bases are now available from Nomis. Short-term residents are available down to local authority level. Workday populations are available down to output area.

  • New from Nomis: 2011 Census data are available for local authorities in England and Wales for a range of census topics. In addition to these, Quick and Key Statistics are now available that provide estimates of populations within local authorities that live in types of rural and urban areas.  These areas are identified using a 2011 rural urban classification that provides a rural/urban view of Output Area level data. It is a revised version of the product created after the 2001 Census, with additional detail in the urban domain, and was created by the University of Sheffield on behalf of a government working group. More from the Nomis website

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Key and Quick Statistics from Neighbourhood Statistics

On the Neighbourhood Statistics website (NeSS), the 'Census' topic includes the 2011 Census Key and Quick Statistics, along with their 2001 equivalents.

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All 2011 Census statistics published to date

Census data quick view lists every 2011 Census release published so far, with links to the release pages and reference table lists.


Census data via ONS Dataset Explorer (Beta)

Selected census datasets are now available through ONS Data Explorer (Beta) and Application Programming Interface (API).


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