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Busy Euro days

by Nick Archer, Ambassador It is too early to reflect on our experience of the Danish Presidency in its entirety – perhaps the most fascinating couple of weeks is yet to come – but not to begin to identify some of its distinctive features. One such feature, I am sure, when the Presidency is looked back upon, will be what it did not do.  All around us the storms are … Read more »Busy Euro days

In pursuit of growth


In terms of business the December European Council highlighted many challenges but one main thread comes out of it for business – the importance of the EU single market and the absolute priority to pursue a focused open-market growth agenda. With flat line growth in the UK, international trade is the only way for industry to improve business performance and efficiency. Europe is the UK’s largest trading destination. There is … Read more »In pursuit of growth

Successful Polish Presidency draws to a close.

Thirty years ago, Martial Law was declared in Poland, the Solidarity movement was banned and Poland’s future looked bleak. Many European commentators were deeply pessimistic. Luckily, they were wrong. I was in Poland in those days, and I am back now, when many Polish and other commentators are saying that Britain’s future looks threatened by our decision not to join a new Treaty at 27. We are described as isolated. … Read more »Successful Polish Presidency draws to a close.

Watch out! Ambassador on the move!

They say travel broadens the mind. I hope so, since I’m constantly on the move at the moment. I visited Poznan to help open a new GlaxoSmithKline production line. Helping to push the start button was the easy bit. My first speech in Polish for ten years was the harder part. I’m not sure I ever knew the Polish for capsule production line. But it is really encouraging to see … Read more »Watch out! Ambassador on the move!