EU Presidency » Denmark, January-June, 2012

Reviewing the Balance of Competences…

By Simon Wood, Deputy Head of Mission “Onward we go”, I said that at the end of my last blog and – despite the fact that most of this country appears to be on holiday in July – so it is proving to be the case.  The Danish Presidency is over, and with it the reasons why we first started this blog.  But I am carrying on today because our … Read more »Reviewing the Balance of Competences…

“They think it’s all over…it is now”

by Simon Wood, Deputy Head of Mission British readers (and Danish fans of English football) may recognise the quote in the title, from the BBC’s Kenneth Wolstenholme commenting on the last moments of the 1966 World Cup final. Maybe some Italian fans felt the same way on Sunday as Juan Mata scored the 4th goal for Spain with 2 minutes to go.  Certainly it’s a long time since the quote could … Read more »“They think it’s all over…it is now”

Busy Euro days

by Nick Archer, Ambassador It is too early to reflect on our experience of the Danish Presidency in its entirety – perhaps the most fascinating couple of weeks is yet to come – but not to begin to identify some of its distinctive features. One such feature, I am sure, when the Presidency is looked back upon, will be what it did not do.  All around us the storms are … Read more »Busy Euro days

Greening Europe – one Directive at a time

By Mads Libergren, Policy officer As we approach the final weeks of the EU Presidency, there is still a lot of business to get through. Not least on the ‘a Green Europe’ strand of the Danish EU Presidency plans. I was in Horsens for the EU Energy Ministers meeting back in April. I remember Martin Lidegaard, Denmark’s Minister for Energy, Climate and Buildings looking visibly relieved as he stepped out … Read more »Greening Europe – one Directive at a time

Too many holidays?

Simon Wood, Deputy Head of Mission Apologies for the long silence since our last blog.  There are a variety of reasons, some more genuine than others; but one of them is the seemingly endless series of public holidays (both in Denmark and the UK) around this time of the year.  And it has been a busy and tense time in Europe as the eurozone crisis deepens, which has rather kept … Read more »Too many holidays?

Money and manufacturing

A blog by Nick Archer, Ambassador to Denmark There’s a Presidency endgame feeling here in Copenhagen. Okay, we still have May and June to go. But the Informals are now all taking place in Horsens, out of sight across the Store Belt, and with most of the big ones done, to some extent out of mind.  The interesting question is what kind of deals, after four months of hard preparatory … Read more »Money and manufacturing

On your pink bikes….

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The Danish Presidency of the Council of the European Union moved from Copenhagen to Horsens in Jutland this week. The first Horsens meeting was the Environment Informal. On Wednesday I went along to work with the UK delegation, led by Environment Minister Caroline Spelman. First thing after breakfast, transfer to the Informal venue at Forum Horsens would be by bicycle. Well, this is an Environment meeting in Denmark after all. Read more »On your pink bikes….

A busy time for energy and climate change…

Paul Irving, Desk Officer (Climate Change) I arrived in Copenhagen last weekend and I’m now halfway through a week of work shadowing the political and commercial section of the British Embassy in Copenhagen, i.e. seeing what my colleagues in Copenhagen get up too. In other words, I am trying to discover what life is really like within a British embassy during an EU Presidency. I’ve come to help with the Embassy’s … Read more »A busy time for energy and climate change…

Reflections on the EU Finance Ministers meeting

by Marianne Hedegaard, Political Officer I attended the ECOFIN Informal at the Bella Center in Copenhagen on 30 March – the last informal in Copenhagen before the Danish Presidency meetings move to Horsens in Jutland. The Chancellor George Osborne with senior officials and the Deputy Bank Governor Charles Bean attended. It was a full agenda in two working sessions and a lunchtime discussion focusing on the economic situation in the … Read more »Reflections on the EU Finance Ministers meeting

No let up, even on the Ides of March

Simon Wood, Deputy Head of Mission The Danish EU Presidency continues apace. With the Gymnich now over, there’s not much time to catch breath before the next set of meetings in Copenhagen. Last Thursday, tempting fate on the Ides of March the Danish government welcomed EU Development Ministers to Copenhagen for a conference celebrating the 50th anniversary of Danida, the Danish development organisation and equivalent of our own Department for International … Read more »No let up, even on the Ides of March