Education and training webchat

Julie Moore, NHS Future Forum lead on education and training, took part in a live webchat on Tuesday 8 November.

The Future Forum is looking at several issues around education and training, including:

  • how to ensure that education and training in the new system is flexible and fit-for-purpose for the new way that care is delivered and enables training beyond the job
  • how to ensure an effective partnership with health, education and research at a local level
  • how to ensure appropriate and effective patient and public engagement
  • how to improve information on the quality of education and training.

Read the transcript of the webchat below.

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One Response to Education and training webchat

  1. Debbie Simmonds says:

    I have concerns of how student nurses educational needs are met within acute sector settings and the availability of support for menors who provide these needs. The Nursing and Midwifery Council have set standards for learning and assessment in practice and for final placement students stipulated that there be ‘one hours protected time each week’ for both students and mentors. I have researched this area and have found no evidence of how this standard is being implemented. I would propose that in the current financial situation and restructuring within the NHS this vital area is being ignored and there is poor support for both students and mentors.