£260 million invested in patient safety plans

In response to the Francis Report, which called on the NHS to make better use of technology to improve safe, effective care, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced a new £260 million fund for Hospitals.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said:

“This fund will allow doctors and nurses to make the NHS safer by harnessing the very latest technology.

If we are to improve patient safety then we must allow the NHS to have access to the best tools available and this fund will help them achieve that.”

Last year at least 11 people died in the NHS because they were given the wrong prescriptions. This fund will be used to increase the use of technology which will help stop drugs being prescribed incorrectly because patients notes have been lost.

Errors in prescriptions are present in as many as eight per cent of hospital prescriptions and studies have shown that the use of technology can cut these errors by half.

The fund will help protect patients by ensuring that doctors and nurses are able to access accurate details about the care of a patient. The investment will make a patient’s journey through different parts of the NHS much safer, as their records can now follow them electronically wherever they go.

The fund for Hospitals to replace outdated paper based systems for patient notes and prescriptions is a critical stepping-stone in helping the NHS go digital by 2018.

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