Part 2 of the Child Poverty Act 2010 places duties on local authorities (LAs) and named partners to 'cooperate with a view to reducing and mitigating the effects of child poverty in their areas'. They are also required to prepare and publish local child poverty needs assessments and to develop joint child poverty strategies.

The Coalition Government is providing funding to responsible LAs in 2010-11 to support areas in meeting the duties, a copy of which is available for download from this page. However in line with the decentralisation and localism agenda, the Coalition Government has decided not to issue formal statutory guidance on Part 2, giving local partners flexibility to meet the duties in a way that best fits their organisations and meets the needs of their local community.

The short guide to part two of the Child Poverty Act 2010 provides the background on what the duties mean for local partners and links to a broader package of sector-led support to help local partners to meet them. A copy is available for download from this page.

The short guide includes:

Section one – making child poverty everybody’s business

Section one sets out the case for tackling child poverty at local level and the importance of effective partnership working across the named statutory partners in the Act and other partners.

Section two – the duty to cooperate

Section two provides a clear steer on the duty to cooperate exploring the responsibilities of the partners named in the Act as well as other partners it could be useful to work with; the contribution each partner can make to tackling child poverty; and the wider benefits this work may bring to their own organisation.

This section also explains that the new local duties may fit in flexibly with existing structures and partnership arrangements to help partners to coordinate service planning and avoid duplication.

Section three – the duty to prepare and publish local child poverty needs assessments and the duty to prepare local child poverty strategies

Section three includes information on the process of developing local child poverty needs assessments – including signposting users to a toolkit developed by Local Government Improvement and Development (LGID).

Information relating to preparing joint child poverty strategies is also included here; in particular on the development, implementation, and progress monitoring of the strategies, and the potential benefits to partners of joint commissioning and pooling and aligning budgets.

Section four – community engagement and consultation

Section four provides information on the consultation element of the local duties. Advice on how best to involve children, young people and parents, and organisations working directly with them, is available in this section.

Section five – support available

Details of the wide range of sector-led support on offer to help local partners to meet the duties of the Act are provided in this section. This includes links to specific resources and information on how to access tailored support where appropriate.

Further information

A frequently asked questions sheet to accompany the short guide has also been produced to provide further clarification of the local duties and is available for download from this page.

For more information on the local duties, please contact the CPU.

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