The first meeting of the new Ministerial Advisory Group was held on 29 July 2010. Access to papers for that meeting - and all subsequent meetings - are available on the following pages in this section. 

The date for the next MAG meeting is Thursday 21 June 2012.  Please note: The date published here may be subject to change, due to urgent parliamentary or ministerial business.


The Secretary of State for Education - the Rt Hon Michael Gove MP - wrote to all local authorities in May 2010 inviting them to join him in dialogue about how to make the vision for a new school system a reality.
A copy of that letter is available to download in the associated resources on this page.

The Secretary of State wanted local authorities to work in partnership with him to improve standards for all children. To see authorities acting as powerful champions of excellence; not only in education but also in the provision of wider children’s services which are essential for many children, including vulnerable children in particular.

At the Local Government Association conference in 2010, the Secretary of State announced his intention to establish the Ministerial Advisory Group. It would consider the role of the local authority in relation to education and children’s services - to enable dialogue between ministers and local authorities to consider all such issues, in partnership between central and local Government.