The adoption and special guardianship data pack summarises the current adoption and special guardianship story – the national and local picture on numbers, speed of decision making, the ages and backgrounds of children moving into adoption and other permanence options. It illustrates the range of performance across different local authorities.

The pack was first published in April 2011. The intention when producing the pack was to inform and stimulate debate, both nationally and locally, about the volume and timeliness of adoption, and so support the renewed drive to help more children into successful placements.  The pack illustrates the variety of approaches and the range of performance across different local authorities. Individual authorities are not identified in the pack, but a link is given to the actual data. Most figures have been averaged over a three year period.

There are no unexpected findings in the updated data pack, but we have added some additional data on Residence Orders (these have been in place since 1989) and on the adoption of children aged under 12 months. The key findings from the previous version remain unchanged by the 2011-12 data but the new pack includes additional data on Residence Orders (slide 4) and on the adoption of children under the age of 12 months (slide 8).

The information contained in the data pack is taken from the SFR which provides information about looked after children in England. The figures are based on data from the SSDA903 return collected from all local authorities. The SFR can be found on the link below.

The data pack will not be updated in the future as the information gathered through the adoption scorecards will, generally, supersede it.

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