The Prime Minister has announced proposals for the earlier placement of children in need of adoption.

In the Adoption Action Plan, we set out a range of measures to reduce delay so that more children for whom adoption is the best option can be placed swiftly with adoptive families.

The measures include the wider use of concurrent planning, which should be considered by all local authorities for their youngest children in the care system.

The Government would like to see wider application of concurrent planning principles through ‘fostering for adoption’. We propose to introduce a new legal duty on local authorities to consider placing a child with carers who are likely to become their permanent carers, where it is clear that a child is unlikely to return home.

We also plan to clarify the lawful use of concurrent planning and fostering for adoption, and to require local authorities to consider both, where appropriate.  We will fund Coram to broaden their reach as a national centre of excellence in adoption and early permanence, in support of local authorities.