Through the Power to Innovate initiative the Secretary of State for Education is able to temporarily suspend, or modify, education legislation that may be holding back - or even stopping - innovative approaches to raising standards.

The Power to Innovate can only apply to education legislation. It cannot be used to gain exemption from other types of legislation, for example, health and safety legislation, employment or contract law, or the law regulating charities.

Power to Innovate allows schools, foundations, colleges of further education, and local authorities, to think innovatively. To test ideas on how best to tailor education provision in order to raise educational standards and improve outcomes for pupils and students.

Project outcomes

Where outcomes of Power to Innovate projects show positive impact, the Department will consider whether it would be desirable - from a policy perspective - for education law to be changed.

The Department may make recommendations to ministers. However it is possible, that ministers would not choose to adopt every idea more widely through legislative change.

Reports in the associated resources on this page provide additional information on projects which have already taken place.

The following pages explain more about the application process.