Update: 25 May 2011

A_Comp version 1.2 includes a correction to the valid values for Key Stage 3 Citizenship where the earlier versions had failed to pick up the changed assessment criteria for this subject. It also makes a change to the Key Stage 2 calculation of the Writing sub-total to remove ambiguity in treatment of the handwriting element. It keeps the change in version 1.1, which made a correction in the EYFSP stage where the overall total for the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile component had the subject as EYF instead of FSP. 

Assessment component (A_Comp) files

These files specify the framework against which assessments of pupils' attainment in the National Curriculum are made. For each key stage or year group, they specify the subjects, subject components or attainment targets (e.g. reading, writing are components of English), nature of assessment and possible outcomes. The framework also includes SEN and EAL criteria.

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