One-to-one tuition:

  • builds on the learning path of the individual from where they are to achieving their personal target
  • provides the stages of learning which are planned in manageable steps
  • is arranged in logical linked episodes with staging points, to summarise, check understanding and reflect
  • promotes modelling of a skill, supporting application and observing independent work
  • is flexible to respond to the needs and interests of the pupil.

Who can benefit from one-to-one tuition?


  • who have been taught a skill but have failed to secure it
  • who have difficulty grasping a concept and transferring it into practice
  • whose learning has been hampered by a previous misconception
  • with a lack of experience
  • new to English, those with a limited vocabulary or who have not had much opportunity to participate in sustained talk or reading.

Selecting pupils for tuition: Criteria

  • Pupils who entered the key stage below age related expectations.
  • Pupils who are falling behind trajectory during the latter stages of a key stage.
  • Looked after children who would particularly benefit from this support.
  • Pupils will be selected if teacher assessment shows that their progress in English or mathematics has stalled in the latter part of the key stage, and that they are therefore at risk of not adding two levels of progress in on or other subject.

The role of the pupil in one-to-one tuition

Pupils need to:

  • understand why they are having tuition and how this will help them with a particular area of difficulty
  • appreciate that what they learn in tuition can be used back in class
  • feel confident to take risks during sessions
  • understand that making mistakes is an important part of learning and that the tutor corrects their errors to help them to understand ideas and concepts
  • work independently to think through strategies and problem solve for themselves
  • reflect on their learning during the session, make self-assessment and recognise their own progress

Why one-to-one tuition is effective for pupils:

  • it engages pupils in their learning in a way which is not always possible in the classroom
  • provides highly tailored sessions, designed to meet individual needs, delivered by a qualified tutor
  • is delivered at a pace that is appropriate to the pupil
  • builds on what the pupil already knows
  • ensures misunderstandings are quickly identified and addressed at the point of misconception
  • increases pupils' understanding of what they need to improve and why they need to improve.