Data and Statistics Division (DSD) provides a wide range of information and statistics on children, schools and teachers to inform the needs of frontline services and the internal requirements of the Department for Education and the wider community. To enable this, DSD manages and supports 23 statistical data collections per year taking in data from local authorities, schools and Early Years providers. A calendar of data collection dates can be found in the associated resources section on this page.

Data is collected via the Department's online Collections On-Line for Learning, Education, Children, and Teachers (COLLECT) system.

Five steps to a successful data collection

  1. Request a COLLECT username and password if necessary using the service request facility.
  2. Check and adjust web browser settings if necessary.
  3. Go to the SLASC data collection page (see links to the left of this page).
  4. Read the guidance material provided.
  5. Log into the system via the 'COLLECT portal' link on the SLASC data collection page using your username and password.