The local authority action research steering group (LAARSG) will commission and oversee the Local Authority Action Research (LAAR) project. Its first meeting was on 21 September 2011. 

Scope of the project

The Action Research project is expected to run from November 2011 to June 2012. The outcome will be a final report for the Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG). The interim report is published in the associated resources on this page.

In this project the Department, the local government sector and schools are working together to research how schools and local authorities (LAs) are adapting to a more diverse and autonomous schools system.

The project will work with a representative group of LAs in a range of geographical areas. It will explore the issues arising as more schools become Academies or Free Schools. It will also look at what is happening in other LAs, and draw on information gathered in other contexts.

The background to the proposal for a programme of action research on the future of local authorities is in the associated resources on this page.

Steering group representation

The steering group is made up of representatives from:

  • local government
  • academies and academy sponsors
  • National College for School Leadership
  • the Department for Education
  • the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Further information

The Department tendered for work on the project. The invitation to tender is now closed, but the document is available for information in the associated resources on this page.

Further information on the Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG) can also be found in this section of the website.