Funding guidance

All providers, other stakeholders and local authorities that receive Education Funding Agency (EFA) formula funding for the provision of education should comply with this guidance.

Guidance documents for previous years can be accessed on the National Archives website. It includes documents from 2010/11 and 2008 to 2010.

Funding regulations

Version 1 of this funding regulations document, published in July 2011, combines the 2010/11 documents Funding Regulations and Learner Eligibility Guidance into a single book that provides the funding principles, rules on eligibility and regulations used in the 16 to 19 funding model.

Rates and formula

Version 1 of this rates and formula document, published in July 2011, provides information on the funding formula used in the 16-19 funding model, and the elements that make it up: standard learner number (SLN) values, national funding rates, and provider factors.

Individualised learner record (ILR) funding returns

Version 1 of this document, published in July 2011, includes the detailed technical advice on final funding claims together with the final claim reconciliation for contract providers. Two addendums with some further technical advice on returns for 2011/12 have been published.

All providers are required to make original signed final funding claims (Annex B return) for 2011/12. The annex B return must include only the figures returned on the final ILR R15 data submission in column D of the workbook. Column E should only include valid manual adjustments that are included in Annex F of ILR funding returns. Further advice on completing the workbook is included in the workbook. Providers should not use the 2010/11 workbook for any 2011/12 returns.

The PowerPoint slide presentation on ILR funding returns has been updated to include some new slides on mid-year funding estimates and reconciliation for contract providers.

Additional learning support (ALS)

Guidance on low cost ALS is contained within the other funding books above for 2011/12.

For high cost ALS learners (defined as those with costs above £5500) the following documents are available:

Partnership provision controls guidance

This partnership provision controls guidance was published on 29 July 2010 for 2010/11 and remains relevant to delivery arrangements for 2011/12.

Funding guidance web-link annex 2012-13

This funding guidance update contains the various web-links in the funding guidance documents. The link is now to the 2012/13 web-link annex, as many of the links in the 2011/12 guidance have changed following the creation of the EFA on 1 April 2012. 

Supporting documents for 2012/13

Weighted average guided learning hours (WAGLH): Distribution of guided learning hours by learning aim

This document, published on 26 January 2012, uses the data from the LR04 returns for 2010/11 to inform decisions for 2012/13.

Supporting documents for 2011/12

Funding for CSkills diplomas: changes to funding rates and completing the ILR

This briefing note outlines changes made to funding rates for level 2 and 3 CSkills diplomas, and gives information on how to correctly complete the ILR when learners progress from a relevant lower level diploma.

WAGLH: Distribution of guided learning hours by learning aim

This report on WAGLH, published on 25 January 2011, uses the data from the F04 returns for 2009/10 to inform decisions for 2011/12.

Changes to SLN values for specific aims in 2011/12 funding

The EFA has agreed changes to the SLN values for some individual learning aims, based on analysis of the ILR data from 2009/10. This note lists the changes. It has also been updated (June 2011) to include ITQ aims that will have changed SLN values in 2011/12.

Weightings by LDCS subject classification

This weightings by LDCS document sets out the most likely weighting factor for learning aims, as determined either by subject (A levels and GCSEs) or by the aim’s LearnDirect Classification System (LDCS) code.

From regulation to publication on the learning aim reference application

This learning aim reference application report, published on 12 September 2011, describes the processes and organisations involved in the qualification journey from when a qualification is regulated to acquiring approval under Section 96 and funding information is published on the learning aim reference application (LARA).

Complementary funding guidance presentations

Three presentations are available below that are intended to assist those using the funding guidance documents for 2011/12. The ILR funding returns presentation has been updated to include the advice in the ILR funding returns addendum.