From this page you can download a range of benchmarking data from the years 2001-02 to 2005-06.

Per pupil (net) table

This can be downloaded from the associated resources on this page.

Per pupil (gross) table

In some instances you may wish to look at per-pupil planned expenditure gross of central government grants and other income.

Pupils numbers table

Three-to-19 pupil numbers used in this year’s per-pupil tables.

Year-on-year table

Year-on-year changes for a range of expenditure categories, for both the LA and schools budgets.

Additional information table

A range of information on the dedicated schools grant, individual schools budget, central expenditure within the schools budget, application of the minimum funding guarantee and expenditure devolved to schools.

Key stage ratio table

Table showing the national relative key stage funding ratios for both AWPU only and total funding. The data is derived from Section 52 budget returns from 2000-01 to 2006-07 and all the ratios are shown relative to KS2 (see frequently asked questions for further explanation).

Explanatory notes

The explanatory note provides detailed information about the underlying data from which the figures will be drawn, together with an explanation about the methodology used.

Additional information on the benchmarking tables can be found in the 'frequently asked questions' document.

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