The benchmarking tables of planned expenditure are drawn from the published financial data collection budget statements and are primarily aimed at schools forums and local authorities. The tables give detailed information on each authority's planned expenditure on education in a form that enables comparison between authorities. In certain categories, planned expenditure varies greatly between LAs – the frequently asked questions document provides an explanation for this.

The tables

All tables are based on planned expenditure data as recorded by LAs on their financial data collection budget statements as at 17 September 2009. The 2009-10 benchmarking tables and background information can be downloaded from this page.

Per-capita tables

These tables show planned expenditure per capita based on individual expenditure lines from the financial data collection budget statements and pupils aged three to 19 or population aged 0 to 17 (based on which count is most appropriate for the expenditure line). As last year, we are using two separate three-to-19 pupil counts to distinguish between the schools and LA budget items. Population estimates have been used for the first time this year and are sourced from the Office of National Statistics.

There are four per capita tables:

Further details on the pupil numbers used are given in the explanatory notes and frequently asked questions.

The three-to-19 pupil numbers and 0-to-17 population estimates used in this year's per capita tables are shown in the pupil numbers file available to download from this page.

Year-on-year table

The year-on-year table shows the year-on-year changes for a range of expenditure categories from 2008-09 to 2009-10 for both the LA and the schools budgets.

Additional information table

The additional information table contains a range of information on the dedicated schools grant, individual schools budget, central expenditure within the schools budget, application of the minimum funding guarantee and expenditure devolved to schools.

In addition, a per capita breakdown for a selection of expenditure lines of budget table 1, divided through by relevant pupil/ population figures, has also been included for the first time this year.

Free entitlement to Early Years provision table

The free entitlement to Early Years provision table shows estimates of the average per-pupil amount allocated by local authorities to maintained providers and to private, voluntary and independent sector providers for delivery of the free entitlement Early Years provision. It also shows estimates of the average per pupil amount retained centrally by the local authority. The table includes information on how the local authority funds the different sectors and the pupil numbers that have been used in the calculation for each sector.

Key stage funding

These tables show the relative key stage funding ratios at local authority level for AWPU funding (2009-10) and at national level for both AWPU only and total funding. The data is derived from the financial data collection 2009-10 returns from 2000-01 to 2009-10 and all the ratios are shown relative to KS2 (see frequently asked questions for further explanation).

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