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Proceeds of Crime Centre

The Proceeds of Crime Centre (PoCC) is responsible for accrediting and monitoring the performance of all financial investigators in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  The Centre also provides training in financial investigation, asset recovery and the operation of the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) 2002, the legislation which underpins these activities.

The Centre works closely with police forces and the other agencies with powers under POCA to provide operational support and education to all accredited financial investigators. PoCC manages the Joint Asset Recovery Database (JARD), which holds information about asset recovery cases in the criminal justice system. It also works with the British Bankers’ Association and the regulated sector to ensure strict management of the information that the Suspicious Activity Regime (SARs) gathers.

Information for financial investigators and the regulated sector

Key employees within the regulated sector have access to the Financial Intelligence Gateway (FIG) on the Financial Investigation Support System (FISS). This allows them to confirm the identity of any financial investigator who has requested access to the financial details of an individual. POCC manages the regulated sector accounts on FISS.

For information about financial investigator accreditation, support and training please contact the Proceeds of Crime Centre or visit us on the Police OnLine Knowledge Area, POLKA from a GSI or PNN network.

PoCC delivers training in conjunction with the International Academy, Bramshill. It offers a range of courses in the main disciplines of financial intelligence, anti-money laundering and asset recovery.


Telephone: 0870 268 8070

Email: pocc@soca.x.gsi.gov.uk

Accredited financial investigators, click here to access the professional register known as the Financial Investigation Support System - FISS.


The statutory responsibility for PoCC’s functions lies with the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) which will retain this role until the Crime and Courts Bill takes effect and the National Crime Agency becomes operational in 2013. NPIA has ceased operational activities, but SOCA has entered into a legal agreement with NPIA and the Secretary of State for the Home Department to deliver the administrative functions of PoCC in the meantime.