An economic case for patient and public involvement in commissioning

Meaningful involvement and shared decision making with patients and the public is a key enabler to improvements in quality, innovation, productivity and performance.

The Department of Health commissioned work to undertake research on the economic case for public and patient engagemen and to develop a decision support tool.

Fourteen detailed case studies were carried out to identify how meaningful and effective involvement in commissioning can drive economic, quality and user experience benefits for the NHS and partner organisations – as well as the populations they serve.

The briefing highlights how:

  • Applying a process of business case and economic thinking to involvement planning and activity can yield valuable results such as preventing delays and reducing costs
  • Consideration of the economic case for involvement is an innovative form of risk assessment
  • Good involvement utilises untapped resources and turns them into a valuable business assets
  • A decision support tool can promote the systematic capture of information prompting an ‘involvement culture’ to inform key decisions around current and future involvement effort.

Download the briefing here

Download the decision support tool here

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