Smart guides to engagement: Guides for CCGs

Good engagement with patients and the public helps deliver inclusive and successful commissioning.

CCG leaders have been asking for pragmatic, relevant and practical approaches to good patient and public engagement – how people can have a say in the planning, designing and delivering services. This will help ensure success at all levels and at every stage of the commissioning cycle.

The Smart Guides to Engagement series is for everyone working in or with clinical commissioning groups (CCGs). The guides reflect principles and practice that get results in PPE and partnerships with local authorities and community organisations.

The four guides here are not a toolkit or a checklist. They focus on people, relationships, leadership and creating value.

Smart Guides to Engagement are a co-production by organisations and individuals passionate about engaging patients, carers and the public more fully in healthcare.

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3 Responses to Smart guides to engagement: Guides for CCGs

  1. Rod Whiteley says:

    I can understand that CCG leaders may have been asking for pragmatic, relevant and practical approaches to good patient and public engagement, but I don’t think these dreary and banal documents are likely to help. The slight exception is the second one, Engagement for commissioning success, which mentions some interesting examples of apparently cost-effective public engagement in the grey boxes interspersed throughout its otherwise dreary and banal text. Unfortunately there’s not enough detail to judge how true the examples are, but they do provide some food for thought.

    The one that interested me most was Oldham’s citizens’ health commission on fairness in the NHS, but it turns out it was just a focus group — twelve people who met four times in April 2011. The project wasn’t fully costed and its outcomes weren’t measured, but at least it was an honest attempt at pragmatism.

    • John Bentley says:

      Any suggestions on what would be helpful reading

    • Rod Whiteley says:

      Helpful reading for CCG leaders? Read the minutes and associated papers of all the public meetings in the last year of your local public engagement in healthcare bodies (LINk, councils of governors of NHS foundation trusts, and any others you can think of). Then attend a meeting of each as a member of the public yourself and ask them a strategic-level question about the future of public engagement.

      For anyone else? As above, but for your shadow CCG.