Future of informatics outlined

The role and functions of key organisations in relation to informatics in the future have been set out.

‘Informatics: The future – An organisational summary’ incorporates the agreement for the establishment of a new Health and Social Care Information Centre to collect, analyse and present data and to deliver key national systems and services.

The guidance provides an overview of the future system for informatics, implementing the vision for transforming information for the NHS, public health and social care, as set out in the information strategy, and a summary description of the roles of the key organisations.

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Used effectively, information will empower patients and other service users, and enable a culture of shared decision-making. It will facilitate and drive integration across care settings and inform health and well-being strategies that best meet the needs of local communities. It will also help to generate greater efficiencies and productivity across health and social care.  To support this, the future policy, strategy and delivery structures for informatics have been agreed.

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One Response to Future of informatics outlined

  1. Rod Whiteley says:

    “the agreement for the establishment of a new Health and Social Care Information Centre”

    This seems a bit weird, because the NHS IC thinks it has already become the new Health and Social Care Information Centre. It has been calling itself the HSCIC since April.

    And NICE (page 16) has been calling itself the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence for quite a while.

    Leaving aside changes of name, this document seemed over-complicated to me. It’s not clear what will remain the same, what will change, and why. In particular, it’s not clear how social care information will be meaningfully integrated. I’m left thinking this can’t really be the future of informatics.