The Making of Foundation Trusts

We need to modernise NHS hospitals – patients deserve the best possible treatment and this simply won’t happen unless we ensure all of our hospitals are fit for the future.

The NHS is too large and complex to control decision making from the centre and ?make the right decisions for local people.

NHS Foundation Trusts (FTs) remain at the heart of the provider landscape described in the Government’s plans to modernise the NHS.

FTs are in control of their own destiny and can respond to local needs – they are not subject to faceless central control. FTs are truly responsive to patients, not Ministers – local people can become members of their hospital and the members then elect the Governors of the hospital. Patients have a true voice through this system.

Across England, 1.9 million people are currently members of their local FT. ?This number is expected to exceed two million before March next year.?

>> Foundation Trusts: Tripartite Formal Agreements

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