The annual statistical bulletin, Drug Misuse Declared: Findings from the 2009-10 British Crime Survey, produced by the Home Office Statistics Unit, analyses the extent and trends in self-reported illegal drug use among a national sample of 16- to 59-year-old adults in England and Wales. The report looks at polydrug use (two or more drugs taken in the past year) and trends in ethnicity and sexual orientation.

The report, which is available for download from this page, is based on findings from the 2009-10 British Crime Survey and includes comparisons with data from the previous year as well as trends since 1996.

Relevant key findings include

  • among young people aged 16 to 24, around one in five had used one or more illicit drugs in the past year (20 per cent, an estimated 1.3 million people)
  • use of any illicit drug among young people in the past year has fallen since 1996 (29.7 per cent) and since 2008-09 (22.6 per cent), in large part due to a decline in cannabis use.