Alternative Provision is commissioned by local authorities and schools for pupils who cannot attend a mainstream or special school, or who are disengaged from education or at risk of exclusion.

The Alternative Provision Census is a statutory annual collection of individual level data on pupils from local authorities and takes place on the third Thursday in January. The Census covers all pupils who are either attending a school not maintained by an LA for whom the authority is paying full tuition fees or educated under arrangements made (and funded) by the authority but not in a school or a pupil referral unit (PRU).

The Census date for 2012 will be Thursday 19th January.

The associated resources section on this page contains the following:

  • Guidance materials for local authorities to help them supply the required data to the Department. The CSV to XML Converter spreadsheet (which incorporates guidance within the opening worksheet) is an enhanced and simplified version of that issued for the 2011 Census. Conversion of data to XML format will now take place by activating a function within the spreadsheet as opposed to running files through separate programs. Guidance documentation on completing the Census is currently in preparation and will be published on this page in due course.
  • Technical documentation for the suppliers of management information systems used by local authorities. The documents include the Business and Technical Specification and also the XML Schema.

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