Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) are documents that outline correct use of new and emerging technologies, and the sanctions for misuse. Schools may use them to document individual policies or responsibilities around the use of technology.

AUPs may need to be updated to take account of new technologies and children’s applications. Schools will need to be aware of existing and potential issues as they develop their own policies.

Schools should pay particular attention to issues affecting pupils with special educational needs. Such issues may include students’ understanding of safety with technology, language difficulties, physical or sensory disabilities, emotional and behavioural difficulties, and the amount of supervision required.

If schools are concerned that AUPs are not being followed and they have concerns about e-safety – for example, access to inappropriate material, or deliberate misuse of emails and networks – they may wish to log such incidents. This would help staff to identify trends, and address problems. Monitoring of network activity and good data management will help schools, colleges and children’s services to review their e-safety provision.