The CBDS change control procedures document outlines the process for completing a request for change (RFC) form with details of proposed changes, how the impact assessment will be carried out and the decision-making process.

All RFCs should be sent to Change Control for processing. The RFC will be given an RFC number once it has been accepted by the CBDS administrator. The administrator reserves the right to reject an RFC at the initial stage for the following reasons:

  • the proposed change should go through Star Chamber Scrutiny Board first – you will then be asked to fill out a SCSB template instead.
  • the proposed change should be re-routed to the ISB (Information Standards Board) instead.
  • the proposed change is related to a change in a collection specification, guidance document, XML, etc. You will be asked to talk to the customer services team and/ or project manager for the specific collection. Any knock-on impact to CBDS will be notified to the CBDS administrator internally through the RFC process. 

All completed RFCs to the CBDS will be published on the website. You will then be able to cross-reference any change to the CBDS to the appropriate RFC request.

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