The Department for Education is asking local authorities to make a voluntary return of the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) in respect of the children’s workforce for 2012/13.

It is essential that the right data is collected to ensure it reflects a reliable picture of what is happening on a local and national level. The Department for Education have identified a number of fields within the NMDS-SC that will provide a good picture of social worker capacity and workforce stability; factors which contribute to overall quality of service provision.

The dates of the window for uploading the data are between 10 September 2012 and 12 October 2012.

The required data fields are as follows (and are the same as 2011):

At organisational level

  • Sector (establishment type)
  • Main service
  • Total staff
  • Total staff by job role and employment status
  • Number of vacancies (on day of completion) by job role
  • Number of leavers (in previous 12 months) by job role

At worker level

  • Worker identifier
  • Main job role
  • Sickness (days off sick in previous 12 months)

Support for NMDS-SC returns

There is an Offer of Support available to help local authorities with their NMDS-SC return. It reflects the feedback from local authorities in both the children’s and adults’ sectors on what they would find helpful.

The Offer of Support and further information on how to access this support can be found on the Skills for Care website and via the following contact details.

Contact details

National Minimum Data Set for Social Care
Telephone: 0845 873 0129

Skills for Care