About 20 per cent of all school children in the UK suffer from eczema. Responding to a need for more information in the classroom about the condition, the National Eczema Society has launched a schools activity pack to encourage discussion about eczema in the classroom.

The new pack is designed in lesson plan format, tied into the National Curriculum and is tailored according to three age groups, available to download:

  • Reception to Year 3
  • Years 4 to 7
  • Years 8 to 11

It also includes related articles and notes for teachers outlining common issues for children with atopic eczema.

The pack was extensively trialled in schools at all age groups, and received the support of the then Schools Minister, Stephen Twigg: 'Education on health issues is a vital part of any child's development, and I welcome this new pack which will help schools develop a better understanding of eczema among their pupils.'

Further information can be found on the National Eczema Society website. Teachers can also obtain a free hard copy of the pack by calling the NES School Pack Answerline.

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National Eczema Society - School Pack Answerline
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Telephone: 0800 089 1122
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