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Strategy, policy and research

To function effectively in a rapidly changing sector, leaders, managers and practitioners must have access to sound analysis and an understanding of government policy in the medium to long term. Through our strategy, policy and research functions we focus on developing the sector and LSIS's capacity for strategic policy interpretation by providing the intelligence, analysis and appropriate forums for policy discussion and debate.

We continue to publish our popular monthly policy updates which provide the latest news and insights in to policy developments affecting the sector and our brief guides and quick summaries on key policy topics and publications. We also lead and commission policy-led research in support of our own strategic priorities and ensure that the further education and skills sector has a 'place' in wider public service research and development.

Our research strategy demonstrates leadership on the use of evidence and other knowledge for improvement and strategic development in the further education and skills sector as well as for LSIS's own business development. Our underpinning research programme increases the sector's capacity to access and use research for evidence-based improvement and also to generate its own research, giving it a greater presence and authority within the educational research community. With a focus on generating evidence which is grounded in practice and promoting research for the sector, by the sector, we support organisational improvement and professional development so that:

  • every learner has an excellent learning experience;
  • the reputation and quality of the sector is enhanced;
  • the professional role of all those working in the sector is supported; and 
  • all providers operate to the standard of the best.

The activities within our research programme are prioritised on:

  • translating relevant research findings into practical messages for the sector, communicated through our research bulletin Inside Evidence, our dedicated research website our annual research conference and contributions to partners' events. 


  • supporting practitioner-led enquiry through our Research Development Fellowship programme and our Research Laboratory Sites.

Other strands of our research plan:

  • provide LSIS with customer insight and intelligence on sector needs; 
  • continue to raise the profile and value of research in the sector by demonstrating its beneficial impacts; 
  • demonstrate leadership on evidence based approaches to education
  • and 
  • communicate the unique position LSIS plays in the sector in promoting and supporting sector-led research-based improvement.

Last updated: 15 January 2013